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Agency: Gigante Vaz Partners | 295 Lafayette Street | New York, NY 10012

I was contacted by the agency in Sept. of 2008 and they requested two copies of my self-promotion called “Keyboard Characters” which can be seen at my link above.

I sent off two sets that contained the monster shown in this post. Around February of 2009 I see the ad they produced above and the other various graphics on the site created to market the Ricoh product. There is another image on my site that shows a more recent brochure using the same character direction.

What pisses me off the most is all the email I’ve received from people asking me if I did work for Ricoh. Ricoh made a cheap B Movie version of my art and now it’s capitalizing on my own works equity.


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Dan Hillier ‘Altered Engravings’

I was notified by someone who likes my work that the Hillhead Bookclub were using my artwork without permission in Glasgow.

Hillhead Bookclub is a fancy new bar in Glasgow owned by Scotland’s number 1 leisure company G1 Group.

I was sent the image below as well as a link to their website which at the time also featured this image and another of mine as links for their Twitter and Facebook pages.

You can see the original image here.

Unfortunately I wasn’t bright enough to get screen shots and further images so I could take them to court as I was told I would have a ‘walkaway case’ by copyright solicitors, despite the fact that most of my images are made by collaging bits of other existing prints.

After contacting them I was offered an apology, along with an expression of interest in potentially exhibiting some of my prints inside, and the web images were removed.  I thought that was it but then found out that they’d kept the billboard posters up for another month and had already handed out a load of flyers and bookmarks with my  work on them.

I did some digging for evidence via some friendly Glaswegians on my mailing list but they’ve now removed my artwork and have replaced it with these.

They’ve also filled their website with like images.

So not straight rip-offs but you can see how I might be a tad cheesed off seeing how they’ve obviously set out to copy what I do.

I’m the first to say that I’m not the first to be making this sort of work – Max Ernst was collaging like this years ago, albeit in a different style – but having been firstly stolen from and then seeing bad versions of my work being used has cheesed me right off.  If they’d have asked to use my work I may have been interested.

If I’d been a bit more together I could have rinsed them out in court, but never mind…

You can see my work at

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Bombthesilent steals Hylton Warburton’s design

Bombthesilent has stolen Hylton Warburton’s design, and is trying to sell Tshirts with the design on them… THIEF!

Here is Hylton Warburton’s original Illustration…

And here is where Bombthesilent is trying to sell the design illegally…

Bombthesilent has also ripped off other artist, one of which is Jess Fink.

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once again, Kelly Hyatt and Lagom – you decide

the top image is by me, Verity Keniger, the bottom image is by Kelly Hyatt at Lagom for their Zootown range of cards. incidentally, this isn’t the first time they have made it onto YTWWN – I have been in contact with Kelly and he has denied copying my image in any way. I’ll let you decide…

I have written a more detailed account of the situation and Kelly Hyatt’s / Lagom’s contemtible behaviour on my blog –

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Alley Katze traced by another deviantARGHtist

This is one of the many smudger-repainters I’m gonna bring to light here.

Original image:


And if it’s not clear here’s a animated GIF

and here I leave you with the typical response of a low moral ARGHtist on deviantart when you confront her/him/it with evidence:

If you check her page i’ll be you’ll find other stuff she has stolen from somewhere and getting all smudged on photoshop

What a shame…and I swear i know more, but gimme time to prepare!

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