Weezer ripoff

I was informed by one of my designer friends that my Weezer design has been ripped off by some lowlife, chimunx666, on Flickr.  I created this design about a year and a half ago.  At this point it’s Weezer’s property, but still I get a bit pissed when someone decides to take MY artwork and call it their own.  How this guy even calls himself a designer is beyond me.

My design, which was created about a year and a half ago.

Here’s the designs “created” by chimunx666


Hopefully this helps expose this jerkoff and prevents other people from getting ripped.  I’m pretty sick of “designers” having this sense of entitlement to take other people’s work and pass it off as their own.

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Cubus likes The Like, but doesn’t like the law.

The Like is a band from Los Angeles, CA. Earlier today I was clicking around their message board and came across this this post from 01/29/07.

So today..

..I was out shopping when suddenly I stumbled across this:
A hat with the “the like ‘Bunny” on it, but instead of writing “The Like” in the heart, it was “I Like U”.
I had to take a picture and couldn’t help but wonder if this store had gotten permission to use The Like’s “logo” on this hat..? This was a store called “Cubus” and is located all over Scandinavia (I’m from Norway..)

All the lines of the bunny, heart, and font were straightened out/neatened, and all the smudges were removed, along with the left ear ink blot and part of the right foot ink blot, but those changes don’t change the fact that the hat is a blatant rip off.

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Oren Lavie gets his whole concept stolen.

When I first saw this music video from Oren Lavie it though it was absolutley  gorgeous. !
A real pice of art, and a really cute song. Oren Lavie on youtube

And to my big surprise I saw this advertising video on norwegian television a few weeks later, from a company called Hansen & Dysvik, which sells pillows and similar stuff.  “Hansen&Dysvik” Lavie ripoff

I was amazed, it’s the exact same concept AND a very similar song.
The people behind the video has not yet responded to my e-mails, that being the advertising company Los & Co, Toxic and a guy called Espen Nersveen.

This can’t be legal, can it?

The original:

The original:

The “fake” one:

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Mijn Schatje – Art Thief

It has come to my attention that Mijn Schatje may be reusing or editing photos of other people’s ball joint dolls in her work. Either by way of editing the pictures themselves, or vector tracing over existing images. I have included a few examples of what I find to be compelling evidence of art theft. These are copyrighted photographs from either doll owners, or official doll companies, that Mijn has copied or referenced without permission or credit.


Mijin Schatje Unoa Lusis Copy

Mijin Schatje - Unoa Lusis Copy

Mijin Schatje Fairyland Copy

Mijin Schatje Leekeworld Copy

Here is a list of more examples that have been composed so far. Images were not edited in any way, simply moved, resized and superimposed onto Schatje’s pieces.
She has ripped BJD faces both from official company photos, and doll owner-photos alike. Many doll owners consider their photography an original form of art, which makes it especially galling to have a photo copied and resold. So far there is confirmation from three of the Ball-Jointed-Doll Companies that her use of their copyrighted images was without permission.  This is the message from the company representative for Doll in Mind:

Thank you so much for letting me know about the illegal site using our doll images.
This is very unusual and I never know this.
I will check and do what I can do stop this.
Have a good weekend.
Best wishes,


And this is the reply from PIPOS doll:

This is intersting because we already met her last year at her homepage.
And we didn\’t give her a permission to use our Baha pictures.
We need to contact her again and make sure about these copies.
Thank you very much for letting us know this fact.

Have a good day!


This is especially disturbing to me because Mijin Schatje never mentions she works from images of dolls at all. When she is asked where she gets her inspiration its always from her own imagination. Read a long article on her here in Juxtapoz Magazine, where her work is even called “doll-like.”


YTWWN SAYS: Im in two minds about this post- I would say definetly a rip if she was making dolls herself, but she if is more referencing a sculpture to make paintings?- Admitedly she denies referencing the dolls which is suss…

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