Chinese MMO rips of Korean artist Hyung Tae Kim

I came across the Chinese MMO Crystal Saga from Facebook when I noticed something familiar about the character art.



Uploaded with

Uploaded with


The character art stole the poses from Korean artist Hyung Tae Kim’s illustrations from Magna Carta 2 (below the fold)

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Cafe con Banksy

Here’s a no brainer.

Besspresso using Banksy‘s ‘Love Is In The Air’ (AKA the ‘We Love You… So Love Us Too’ record cover), quite prominently on both sides.

I feel kind of bad for them, as their heart is in the right place (solar powered, organic coffee), it’s just a shame their designer’s apparently isn’t.

(spotted in Silver Lake, Ca.)


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Youtube skateboarding Channel Intro – Bite

My Videos:…

His Videos:


A local skater told me about this. Rather quick, too. Mikendo started these “Deadline” videos August 29th.  I opened my Youtube account early July and posted my first “Flatline” video as early as July 14.  It has nothing to do with money, fame, or subscribers…a bite is a bite is a bite.

If something is a parody, fine. Understandable. If it isn’t obvious enough for everyone to realize it is a parody, give credit where credit is due.  I feel, in this case, the coincidence excuse isn’t an option.

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website ripoff again

Some web designers have no shame and just copy original designs and claim them as theirs.

The original is from Charlie Gentle from the UK  and the guy that is ripping him off is Adam Schroeder from The Art Institute San Diego, CA


the copy cat:

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