Dark and Light Creations

From her ‘about’ bio

“I am Vania and i make Epic things for all around the world!!! and I like to create unique designs for everyone and do make one of a kind creations no repeats =D so everyone can have something different <3check out my website”

Having recently spotted a few things that have brought this to light i thought i’d share with you some of Dark and Light Creations – one of a kind creations (no repeats remember)

Dark and Light Black Spider bracelet with Swarovski crystals $14 – Handmade by Vania herself…


Ebay Black Spider bracelet with Swarovski crystals – made in Hong Kong



I could post the exact same for a Pink Spider bracelet from Ebay, and one handmade by Dark and Light, ditto for the Red and Blue.

There’s an interesting pattern to her ‘creations’ usually within a day of a rival business posting up a new idea, Dark and Light will have had a brainwave and come up with almost exactly the same product! How utterly amazing! How does she do this? A competitor puts a link to her own Formspring page for her customers to ask questions… 2 hours later Dark and Light does exactly the same… The same competitor posts a new item for sale… 46 mins later Dark and Light have a similar product suddenly.

She also has a history of slander, contacting rival businesses suppliers and models in order to ruin their business and customer base.

Basically, she’s claiming handmade one of a kind items, when really she’s buying them from Ebay / Hong Kong and selling them on at a bumped up price. Disgusting.



Flashman Versus Bombardier

I got this flyer through the post today for Bombardier Beer (by Wells & Youngs Brewery, a large company in the UK) and being an avid reader of Flashman (By George McDonald Frazer) I noticed a similarity! I compared them and found that, while similar, they weren’t exact. Until I look at the faces. Overlapped, there seems to be no question that the Bombardier artist has borrowed a few ideas from the artists who did the Flashman book covers!

Rawr! That means thief in dinosaur!

Hot Topic and friends strike again?

So I was checking Facebook not long ago when someone on my friends list posted an image of a T shirt from Hot Topic. Immediately, it looked rather familiar.

Said T shirt can be seen below.


It can be found on sale at Hot Topic. But it originally comes from this company.

Loyal Army, the “original” producer of this T shirt’s main aim is to give people kawaii (Japanese for cute) clothing and accessories. And anyone who is into Japanese pop culture, anything kawaii, and spends enough time on the internet to know anything about Japanese pop culture, they just may recognize the image seen below.

While this is the most popular image depicted. It is actually from this image by ToastyPants from Deviant Art.

I can say I first saw the original quite a few years ago (at least 3-4 years). It’s a rather popular image on the internet, and has come in many variations (as they’ve stated in the description on the deviantart page).

Not to mention, Hot Topic has a reputation for selling rip offs and stolen art from companies that are obviously less than reputable.  When will these companies learn?


The company has been contacted by the original artist and a deal is being struck. It seems they had been mistaken on who the original artist was and had contacted and gotten permission from the wrong individual.


elmondo.es steals my fanart!!!

elmondo takes my fan art!!!

Elmondo used a fan art pic i drew a while back and posted on my deviant art gallery, they took it without permission and posted it along side one of their news articles, all without adding any line of credit to me the original artist. and as if that wasn’t unprofessional enough, they choose not to post my public comments. or answer my many emails.

link to original article…

here a link to the original peace and the pencil sketch!

i can understand if you thought is was the real cover, it actually happens alot. but the article is about the translated book, as in with a Spanish cover also, they should have known something was up. and i looked around the site no images have credit not even the writers it seems. but don’t ignore my emails hoping it will blow over! I don’t understand how according to their wiki they known as the number one source of news on the web in Spain. that bothers me.


elmondo takes my fan art!!!

Braid Box Art – In Russia, artwork traces YOU

Okay. So normally I’m quite relaxed when it comes to people using my artwork as reference, stock, or inspiration. But when somebody somewhere roughly slams two pictures together and makes MONEY out of the end result – that’s when I get annoyed.

In 2009, I posted some fan art of the indy Video Game ‘Braid‘ on my DeviantArt website. This picture -

My artwork, done in 2009











I didn’t see much else in the way of good fan art for the game, so I was pleased my little picture was up on the internet for all to see. Whilst doing a quick browse on Google in 2009, the only other piece of art for the game that I notably took a liking to was this one, which was drawn in 2006 as official concept art for the game -

Art for Braid by David Hellman











Flash forward to 2011 (just now), and I see an article on Kotaku about the Box art for Braid upon it’s release in Russia. -

Russian Braid Jewel Case Box Art

Okay. That's pretty horrifyin-waaaait a minute...

















At first I wasn’t sure. I thought whoever did this might have just eyeballed both our pictures and crudely slammed them together. But no, I’m afraid they’re traces. Even the base lighting has been traced. Still not convinced? Then look again -

A quick trace show

What, he even traced the KEY?! That's just sad...


Needless to say, I was stunned that someone got away with showing this to the studio, then selling it in another country. I also wonder if David Hellman knows that his official artwork has been traced by another artist for the same game.

I am contacting Jonathan Blow at  Number None Studios (the Indy company that made Braid) and letting him know about my situation right now. But other than that, I’m not sure what else to do about this (other than kick up a polite fuss until something gets done!) So any advice anyone could give me about what action to take next would be very much appreciated. Please leave a comment, or contact me through andyroosteruk”AT”gmail.com

I am especially annoyed that someone can get away with this, as I am a games designer and artist myself; and it is hard enough to get noticed in the games industry without other people leeching your artwork and ideas.

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