Black Milk Clothing Rip-Off Dali, Escher, Klimt, LucasArts and More…

Black Milk Clothing out of Australia have been making leggings and swimsuits with images on them. Many of the images seem to be appropriated from VERY well known artists – who I gather would be IMPOSSIBLE to buy rights from for such applications. There are more examples on their site than just the below but i thought it was a good starting point to see how a business has become successful (they have more than 15,000 facebook fans and seem to sell A LOT of product) off the back of other people’s art.

These Star Wars referenced characters which made HUGE rounds in tech circles this year seem to have been taken off their store (no doubt due to the IP power & threats from LucasArts), but many many comments on their facebook page from the staff and fans say that you can still order it by ordering a different item and putting in the comments that you’d like the R2D2 design instead.

The Dali image – and correct me if i’m wrong – would never be sold by anyone authorized to sell it – especially to sell on a commercial product without licensing – which i’d gather from the varied selection of famous artists they have works from – Black Milk don’t buy. Product Page

MC Escher as well – same comments as on Dali.

And then Klimt.

Finally: Theophile Steinlen – Product Page

There are actually a bunch more – look for the Jaws Ripoff, Venus, Uncle Sam and more. I don’t know how long they’ll continue to get away with producing such works or if any repercussions will come of it, but it really isn’t right. Thoughts?

Shaun White/Target Rips off Sam Clark’s Tattoos

We all know that major retailers like Target are known for ripping off artists, designers, etc. Here is another case. Sam Clark is a talented tattoo artist in Las Vegas. His colorful skulls are pretty famous in the tattoo industry. And while Target’s artwork is not literally traced or an exact copy, I think it looks a bit too similar.

I know many of you will say “you can’t copyright colored in skulls.” The reason is here is to point out potential rips right? You be the judge.

Copied design sold on themeforest

web://contact is an internet agency based in Germany. In June 2010 we relaunched our new website which was featured in some css galleries out there. Since we know there is a small line between inspiration and plagiarism, we’ve got a quite relaxed point of view on that. But when somebody obviously copies our ideas AND makes money out of it that’s when we get pissed off. But form your own opinion:


Ripoff by hogash sold on themeforest: Live Preview / Themeforest
hogash ripoff

Let’s take a look at some of the copied details. On the left side is our original work, on the right side is the copied work:

Same height of the menu and exactly the same background-color(!) #638900 ... man you're kidding me


Same bubble on the right side below the header


same line below headlines


same bubble to show the location


That theme has been purchased about 440 times on themeforest (300x Joomla and 140x HTML) so far.

Thanks for reading.

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