Jordan Buckley of ETID/Sons of Anarchy


Jordan Buckley from Every Time I die, guitarist and talented visual artist, is selling a shirt with the sons of anarchy logo (w slightly more detail) and trying to pass it off as an original. Got pretty mad when I pointed it out haha.

Original by Freddy Corbin (tattoo artist):




apologies for the lag in new posts

Hey, your faithful guest-editor Steve here.  I know, I know, green-lighting on posts has been dead for a couple of weeks- I spent a week driving from Portland, Oregon to Kalamazoo, Michigan and I haven’t had reliable internet for at least 17 days, plus this blog is hosted out of a garage in Zimbabwe or Australia or somewhere instead of Los Angeles so it often takes me several reloads to get something new up on the front page.

But I’m back at it now and we’ll have new posts up fast and furious over the next few days.

That is, unless you are the guy who is responsible for the 317 pending posts about payday loans.  I’m afraid your posts will probably continue to go missing.

To our loyal readers and commenters, thanks for your patience and please stay tuned while we get caught up.   If you’ve submitted something in the last two weeks, I’m sorry for the delay, but we’ll get it posted as fast as we can.

hugs and hi-fives,


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