How Bree Leman is basically stealing the fashion Illustrator Sophie Griotto


I’ve been a huge fan of Sophie Griotto for years. She’s a very talented illustrator and she’s very well known in France and has also worked for quite a few brands around the world.

The other day, I was on the internet looking for some tutorials in textile design when I stumbled across an article on Bree Leman. At first, it’s the picture which caught my eyes, I was sure it was one of Sophie Griotto’s. I soon realized my mistake but as I was curious, I did a bit of research. I realized that not only Bree Leman was purely copying the drawing skills of Sophie Griotto but she was also stealing the atmosphere, the technic, the universe of her illustrations.

So, ok, she’s not just taking the illustration and drawing on top of it. But still, you can clearly see where she finds her inspiration and call it her own.




American Express copies TXTual Healing

I came across American Express’ commercial for their Social Currency campaign on TV. The part in the add that shows dynamic speech bubbles “projected” on a building and apparently being filled with user generated content to signify a public conversation really struck me as a direct copy of the work I started 5 years ago with TXTual Healing, where I project speech bubbles on buildings to create a stage for dialogue that people could create using text messaging.

I’ve been doing my project for the past 5 years in multiple countries and languages, and the work has been written about in notable publications like the Economist and Wired, as well as numerous popular websites, such as Google’s creative internet.

I’m not questioning the use of speech bubbles, or SMS projecting, but the combination and the context in which amex displays them as a blatant imitation of my work. And from my research years ago I was the first to do this execution of the concept in 2006.

From the looks of it I would say that they didn’t even do the projection and this was rendered.

Here is a screen shot from amex’s site showing a still from the commercial:


This is a photo of an interactive projection I did in Paris in 2007:

More of this work can be seen here: &

Bear vs Dolphin (dolphin isn’t the only thing that got bit)

long time reader, first time ‘caller’

was using google’s new search by image function (awesome by the way)

put one of my images in and surprise found someone who blatantly stole an image from me.

Here is me ––/Painting.html

and here is the guy who stole my stuff –

first one is me second one is him

also stole a few others, not even the good stuff.




Looking around this kids profile -

I haven’t seen one original thing, i see a lot of rips.

Just looking for advice. Tried contacting RedBubble, haven’t heard anything yet.


Looney Tunes Zazzle Rip

Thumbs up for stealing!

I know Zazzle is sort of the wild west of stolen artwork and ideas, but it seems as though this rip comes from a Looney Tunes partner of some sort? To be honest, I’m unsure of how Zazzle and Looney Tunes WB are connected, if at all. The original was printed at (on the left) and was apparently redrawn/livetraced into Bugs Bunny and sold at the Looney Tunes Zazzle shop.

Original –

Looney Tunes version –

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