99 vs. 50 Seinfeld References

I realize that at first glance, you may not see that many similarities between these two pieces.  Let me start by saying that I created this 99 Seinfeld References piece for a group show in LA all about cult TV shows.  I loved Seinfeld and was constantly quoting it, so I decided to do a piece based on all of the references I could think of, complete with a map & key.

After the show opened, this piece went viral on the internet, and I was contacted by a few t-shirt companies asking to print it, all coming up with very low offers (one very well-know site offered me $50 and 3 free t-shirts).  I declined all offers, choosing to work with the gallery on Limited Edition prints instead.  But then a few months later, this 50 Seinfeld References t-shirt shows up on those various sites all being distributed by the very company that contacted me to begin with.

Yes, they changed the amount of references and drew them out rather than painted them, but when you look closely, they completely stole from my “key” of ideas.  Sometimes it’s as if they just cut and pasted straight from it.  I realize that because of the trademarks and whatnot, I can’t do much about it, but I did not want this to go unnoticed.

My original piece HERE.

The ripoff t-shirt by Ripple Junction seen HERE.


Dean Russo – Rip-Off Artist?

This is a beautiful painting, but it’s of MY DOG and used WITHOUT my permission! Picture was taken by my photographer hubby. Tried to contact good ol’ Dean Russo, but to no avail. Hubby informed him it was HIS picture, never mind the fact it’s HIS dog and he had no right stealing it, making a painting and trying to sell the painting! All we want is photography credit, and he ignored our email.

Here’s the original picture:









and here is the rip:





The Template Shop Ripped My Website Design

I designed a beautiful site for AventalKitchenware.com

When a month down the road their hosting company says they are going to transfer them over to Tomato Cart and request the PSD file for their site.
No only did they do a horrible job on the transfer but an oddly similar template popped up in their Template Store.

And now even on sale in the Tomato Cart Shop


The Original Design:


The Stolen Design



Signalnoise vs. Kaballah & Euphoria

I designed a poster for Disney’s Tron Legacy about 2 years ago, completely self-initiated or “fan art”, something I created out of a love of the style. Well, the images below basically tell the story. It recently came to my attention that the poster was taken and used to promote a big rave event in Brazil called Kaballah & Euphoria. Very blatant, just took my image without permission and used it as promotion. Total theft.

According to the source code, the site was created by Atash Design. Numerous emails have been sent to these people and to the event promoters with no effect or reply.

The Signalnoise Tron Legacy poster

The website for Kaballah & Euphoria

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