Twitter vs MyPad2


Twitter app for iPad
. Released 2010.
When the app was redesigned last year, it revolutionized the way you read posts on the iPad. It made me smile the first time I use it and realize that this is original and made the experience unique..which to me represented Twitter’s commitment to make something different and better for the sake of better usability. It was very well received and personally I love this interface. It’s a trademark design.

It’s also FREE.


MyPad2 for Facebook on iPad. Release April 2011.
Copied the whole look and feel, interface design, icon colors and style, the way you can scroll on one column opening up to the posts to reveal detailed panel on the right and pushes 2nd and third columns over to open up. Also name on icons are hidden once you view posts. Exactly and intentional copy. It’s FREE for limited version but it comes with a big ad down the bottom of the 2nd column. If you pay original price of $2.99 you get it without ads. Seems like its getting bad reviews as lots of functional issues are problematic and crashes. Nevertheless it copied most if not all the design of Twitter app. I tried to post on their Facebook fan page but I was blocked and post deleted. Hence I am here now.

For those people who never used the app, the more subtle window bounces when flicking through posts, panels opening, way you refresh posts by pushing the column down, navigational design, and animation is more or less copied Download both apps to see for yourselves.

The image screenshot is borrowed from their site. This image doesn’t show the detailed third column as posts, but it is more or less 99% copied from Twitter.

I wonder if/when Twitter will sue?

The Yok ripped off by Bestial Design Studio

This is very unmistakably a copy of The Yoks bearded character.
Sure enough The Yok has drawn this character in various versions whereas bestial design … just once.
They submitted this entry on a Buenos Aires,  Argentina conkurs held by Monoblock: Premio Destapa ’09
There is no credit at all mentioning The Yok

This is the entry presented by Bestial design as theirs

This is one example of the original character. Note especially the hair...

There are a lot more drawings of the same character in different settings and with changing props at

The artists “The Yok” website:

I notified the artist and he told me he would contact them. I haven’t heard back from him, yet. Meanwhile it was ok for him to publish this here.

Another significant piece of information is that Bestial Design is no stranger to this blog:

Horsebites own post:

I now totally believe Bestial Designs “explanation”.

youthoughtwewouldntnotice, again? .com

come on!

Prolific Ripping

Note: None of these ripped items are mine, but they belong to numerous creative individuals out there, only a few can I identify, perhaps you might be able to identify some of the other art and help inform the original owners. Work is stolen all the time and put on desktop wallpaper websites and the like, but this individual is trying to pass off this work as his own to fraudulently get jobs. So not cool.

Once upon a time there was a young man by the name of Brett Bash. He liked to claim he was a graphic designer extraordinaire, photographer, and all around visionary artist. He would go on to claim developed several high-profile websites, include Marc Ecko’s website (as referenced here, specifically @ 1:32). The unfortunate thing is that Brett Bash’s personal portfolios were just lousy with work he had ripped from other artists, companies, and even stock photography websites. Yes, he bought (probably found on a blog, though) stock photography to put in his portfolio.

He would claim that he was this amazing model photographer to chat up potential models to perhaps do a session with him. Which if you think about it, is very creepy, and possibly dangerous to these young women who would think they’re working with an established professional, only to end up in the “studio” of a poser for a “photo shoot.” I’m sure you can see the problem there.

Here’s a quote from his website:

Hi. My name is Brett Bash. Slick and sleek, I capture polished images that sell beauty, rendering a reality in far greater definition than the eye may even comprehend. At its best, photography carves out a world through light and shadow that represents reality transformed, beyond a document, simulating the physical complete with a sense of space, time, weight and corporeal properties Through rich, sensual color, my works exhale a sense of life; through a complex tonal range, I capture moments. Shooting stunning models, beautiful cars, and magnificent scenery, I have one finger on the shutter release, and another on the future.

Funny enough, that is also stolen. It’s part of Wendy Whitesell’s artist bio. His thievery knows. no. bounds.

Early in 2011 a small design forum caught wind of what he was up to with all of his design thievery, and started contacting him to remove his stolen work. Eventually after a good Google Bombing and lots verbal tongue lashing, he eventually took his website offline. It was the end of some pretty prolific ripping. Or so was thought.

Eventually he came back with a vengence. While his original portfolio (, is devoid of the ripped work from before, and now mostly focuses on what is to be believed his actual breadth of work – mostly car related ads, brochures, flyers – he has several new sites up with new stolen work. One is his photography portfolio, and another is his digital/traditional art portfolio

Here’s a few examples of the work he’s ripped off across a few of his various websites, as of May 4, 2011:

#1 Original Artist: Lvnel at

#2 Original Artist: P0RG at

#3 Original Artist: asdfgfunky at

#4 Original Artist:

#5 Original Artist: Dave E. Phillips at

#6 Original Artist: Wen-M at

#7 Original Artist: Zach Bush

#8 Original Artist: i-evermind at

I just don’t know what to do. This kind of thing just isn’t right and needs to be stopped.

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