Dr Who Shirt Ripoff

Today I went to TeeFury and noticed something looked familiar.

Todays Tee design:

It reminded me of an old boxing poster tutorial on by James Davies:

I haven’t checked to see if the illustrations of the characters are stolen too, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Don’t get me wrong, I like the shirt, however, it is what it is.

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Someone ripped my Phil

In  2004 I posted on my infrequent art/blog via Media website Ink19:

My intent was to write and illustrate an homage to Phil Hartman on the then pending 5th anniversary of his passing.

I did the artwork in Adobe illustrator using vector graphics and someone else’s low-res photo. (Yes. This’ll be a rip of a rip.)


Original source image


Graphic from 2004


Since posting it, I’ve seen the image being used fairly frequently.

I make no profit, claim no ownership, and simply enjoy seeing it pop in various places such as my Facebook feed and the occasional Google image search.

However, somebody notified me that there was a Vancouver artist by the name of  “Duran” who has boasted about a “successful line of murdered celebrity” T-shirts which included a Phil Hartman shirt:




Merder Tees' Phil Hartman Shirt

Merder Tee’s made no attempt to cover their tracks. That is my linework and even my grayscale.


Phil Hartman has been an inspiration both as a comedian and as a graphic artist. He has given me and my family considerable joy.

The image for me is a “smiley”. Merder tee’s rip represents the absolute antithesis of my original intent.

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Dead Island Trailer Rips off Lisa Frank

Recently, I was linked to the trailer for a Zombie Apocalypse videogame named”Dead Island”. A few minutes into it, I noticed that the design on the little girl’s pink shirt reminded me a lot of a Lisa Frank character named “Surfer Girl”.

Here is a screen capture from about 2:11 in the video clearly showing the shirt.

Here is a picture from the Lisa Frank website of the character “Surfer Girl”.

Surfer Girl, circa 2003

I even overlaid one on top of the other to see if this was just a coincidence, but it seems like the shirt in the game is a trace and recolour job. (The head and body have been altered some, but they still match up.)

Is it really THAT hard to design a videogame shirt that doesn’t copy the work of someone else?

[editor note: this one is interesting- it's a pretty close thing, I can see how the realworld image inspired the one in the video game.  But this is pretty meta, no? You've got a youtube video... of a character in a video game wearing a T-shirt... with an image of a different animated character on the shirt.  If Lisa Frank came to us with a request for legal action, I'm not sure who we'd want to go after first. ]

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Jme Messina Rips Artwork to Impress Girls

What’s more pathetic than someone who does a bad Photoshop job on great work and claims it as their own? Why, someone who does a bad Photoshop job after girls he knows who get all wet over his amazing artistic abilities, of course! Below are three rips from a popular Deviantartist known as Steven Sanchez.

Stolen from Steven Sanchez

Jme Messina has a group on Facebook called 116 where he posts all of this work, and there really is so much more there. Here are only some of the comments he gets for these completely awful photoshop jobs:

“Amazing Jme! You re-create the woman’s form amazingly :) Your subject is very attractive!”
“hoLEE I am SO much hotter when you draw me!! hahah hahaha Jme, you are a master. I adore you like you don’t even know! I owe you a coffee (or my first born!)”
“WOW!! JME that is wicked!! what would it take for u to do me??”
“You’re so deliciously talented it hurts my heart…”
“Hot Damn boy, you’re getting good!!! Sign my t-shirt!!! hahhha, awesom job jme!!”
“Ugh Jme, you are so amazing it HURTS me. Help me think of ways to exploit your talents!!!”

Sadly, no talent will be exploited, because he has none. He advertises that he can do CD layouts, logos, shirt designs, posters, business cards and tattoo designs, using this fake work for his portfolio to create an income. It’s sad that his admirers are even denser than he is, they will be very disappointed. He also has the Worst Website in the World.

Below is some more work, obviously stolen, that some of you might recognize:
Unknown Stolen Work

Thanks for reading, I hope you’re all laughing as hard as I am.



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