New Yorker plagiarizes photo


Here is a new Shepard Fairey-wannabe. Whats horrible is that this image is in the New Yorker!!!!!

This photo owned by CMT:

Is blatantly traced by “artist” Daniel Hertzberg:

Judging from his website, he steals people’s photos and traces them as art, selling it to magazines and newspapers. Shameful. He’ll get sued someday or some publication like the New Yorker will.

[ed note: more likely, both.]

Not credited for stock use

I am a member on Model Mayhem and recently came across a manipulation of a well known stock artist on DA.

The only reason I bring it up here is because he has not credited her anywhere on either his MM profile or his website.

This is the picture used:

And here are her stock rules:


Yet here are the manipulations, both uncredited: (under design)


I did attempt to contact him and contacted her about it for which she was grateful, but the pictures are still up without credits.

And he is obviously using it for commercial use (ie displaying his skills to get more work) which she specifically asks not to, I mean it’s her face!

I know some people are going to say, ‘Oh she put pictures of herself up they are free to be taken’  but that is why there is so little good stock photography out there that is free, because people don’t follow the rules. What do you think?

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