Bizarre “Peanuts” Rip

This is a bit old and I’ve forgotten some of the context, but it’s one of the most absurd cases of copying I’ve ever seen. These came from a catalog of homeschooling curricula from the publisher Alpha-Omega… I believe they were from a Bible course:

My whole family thought they looked familiar, so we consulted a couple of old books of Peanuts cartoons:

I can’t begin to imagine why they would even do this… how could these even be relevant to anything?

Shiny metal robot…

I was shopping in a Jo-Ann craft store last weekend, when I happened upon this example from one of their bead collections. It contained a VERY familiar robot charm. It’s very clearly Bender from Futurama, only with the addition of what appears to be  the top half of a tennis racket on his chest. I believe this “Joker” charm collection is distributed by Blue Moon Beads, but I forgot to check while at the store.

I’m blowing the whistle.

I took a weekend vacation to Toronto and visited a brewery, called Steam Whistle, about a year ago. I became very fond of the brewery. Their beer is amazing and their in-house art department worked very hard to create their logo back in 1999.

Needless to say, on a train home from Center City, Philadelphia I noticed, for a split second, a little diner at the Ardsley train station. They sported a sign that is aimed to entice people to dine and spend money, and the logo on their sign was uncannily similar to that of Steam Whistle Brewing.

As a graphic designer, I was enraged to see that someone is undoubtedly earning money off the hard work of such an innovative and original company’s idea. I referenced google to do a bit of research on each of the logos to see who stole from who, and it didn’t take long to draw a conclusion.

Below is a side by side comparison.

Steam Whistle vs. The Whistle

My research taught me that Steam Whistle Brewing was developed in 1999 by a trio of gentleman in Toronto, Canada. Their appears to be no connection to the two companies, seeing as how The Whistle doesn’t even serve beer. The building Steam Whistle acquired is called “The Roundhouse” and is featured in the lower portion of their logo, making it unique to their specific location and business.

The logo repurposed by The Whistle seems to be an Adobe Illustrator Live Trace, but the design has not been shrouded, as if no one would ever notice — I did and as a designer, it is my duty to make sure the hard work of my fellow designers was not in vain. I will be contacting Steam Whistle here in a moment to notify them of this offensive misuse of property.

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Visit Steam Whistle Brewery’s Website here.

Visit The Whistle’s Website here.

Let’s hope they’re not stealing cars too

We got a strange call from a client today about their website. It seems that the design had been ripped off. That’s flattering and all but we invested a lot of effort into the design of their site. After many meetings, phone calls, questionnaires, and FIVE revisions we finally made it live. Whew!

Granted, this is probably not offending party’s fault. It’s more than likely their shady web company who has no doubt charged them an exorbitant rate for a stolen design. We called ‘em up to let them know, but their not returning our calls anymore. So without further adieu, let’s see the designs.

Our Design

The Ripoff

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