Melbourne’s new logo proves its self. We never said we ‘hated’ it.



It comes with great pleasure that I post today after seeing an article in the Herald Sun (Melbourne daily newspaper).

In 2009, the city of Melbourne got a facelift in the form of a new logo. It got instant attention across media about its validity and context for Melbournians and was all the talk in the design industry around Australia. “embroiled in controversy” I’ve seen written a few places.
Here’s a small selection:

Well today it comes that our once deemed $2-shop, drawn by the bosses daughter, overpriced, 1990′s rave party logo is now the mark of desire with two companies being ousted in the daily rag as having copied the design. One I must say is a dead ringer but the other is up for debate.
I must admit when I first saw the article on the page sitting under my espresso I laughed to myself thinking that we’d gone through all this debate to find that the design had been ripped from a shopping plaza in China and that they thought we wouldn’t notice. Unfortunately it wasn’t so.

Full article:

Melbourne city is now considering undertaking legal action over the matter where they’ll probably just aim for the top and sue China as a nation with Norway next on the agenda. In the meantime it seems we’re happy to take the flattery that comes with the news of our always beloved new logo.


I’m a big fan of the flickr group Mid Century Modern – sticker, stamp and label club

I liked one image so much I use it as my desktop background.

its a sheet of czech matchboxes, presumably from the 1950s/60s.

So I recognised it immediately when I saw this card in Paperchase

I tracked it down to this website

Its part of the Heidi range, not exactly clear who designed it. And by ‘designed’, I mean traced.

Guardian weekend magazine vs Young me/Now me

Guardian weekend magazine (UK) ran a cover story and big feature in their 5th march 2011 issue completely based around celebrities dressed and posed to replicate childhood photos of themselves. Unless I’m missing something, this seems to be completely stolent from ZeFranks Young me/Now me project.

Guardian weekend magazine pictures: (website here:






























and some examples from the original Young me/Now me website: (









From Krasnodar with Love

I’m not in any way connected to the Chicago Magazine, but couldn’t resist posting this goody…

On November 18th 2010 Chicago Magazine’s ’40 Reasons to Love Chicago’ issue was released as a way to pay tribute to the magazine’s 40 year anniversary.

In Russia, at the upstart Krasnodar Magazine, their Feb 2011 issue announced not only 10 less reasons to love their city, but also 1 very big reason they should not love their graphic designers:

Chicago magazine December 2010 cover

Chicago Magazine, Dec 2010

Krasnodar Magazine cover

Krasnodar Magazine, Feb 2011

According to the Chicago Magazine editorial, at least some of the interior pages are rip-offs as well.

“A handful of other new Russian friends also alerted me, and several sent photographs suggesting that at least some pages of the Krasnodar story look amazingly like our pages—except, of course, the objects of love are not in Chicago, but Krasnodar” [Editorial via]

An admin on the official Facebook account for the Krasnodar magazine responded on Facebook.

“Apparently, there is a small group of indignant “media police” who have taken umbrage at the fact that the cover of Krasnodar Magazine is similar to one from Chicago Magazine. Whatever!! Get a life. This is a tempest in a teapot if I’ve ever seen one. All creative inspiration is derivative. Some more so than others” [Click here for screenshot of full post, as provided by Chicago Magazine]

In an odd turn, the person who wrote that post, AS WELL AS the Publisher of the magazine responded to the stern editorial from Chicago Magazine. The admin (Timothy Post) claims he wasn’t involved, severed all existing ties to the magazine, and gave the Publisher a talking-to. After an odd “character witness” post of sorts, the Publisher himself writes an apology and offers the staff of Chicago Magazine the opportunity to visit the offices of the Krasnodar Magazine. (Hmm…wonder if they will take him up on that? ;) )

It’s an intriguing and cringe-worthy read throughout. Check it here.

What a strange (and surely cathartic) tale…!

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