80stees.com rips off “Change into a Truck”

I knew eventually some lame-o would rip off Tim Doyle‘s “Change Into A Truck” design, and it looks like 80stees.com is the winner!

Yes, I know that it is also a rip off of Shepard Fairey’s original print, and it’s also using a copyrighted Hasbro character, but I believe it falls under fair use as a parody.

The first design below was released by Nakatomi Inc as a limited edition poster on 2/24/2009. You can see the blog post announcing it here, and you can find the second edition in the online store here.

The second design below could not be any more obviously a rip off. It was released by 80stees.com right here (as much as I don’t want to link them). Good job guys! They’re even denying that they copied it on their Facebook page.

Tim Doyle’s “Change Into A Truck” poster:

80stees.com weak rip-off on a t-shirt:

Todd Goldman strikes again

People will remember the fiasco a few years ago When Todd Goldman owner of the company David and Goliath ripped off/ traced a cartoon by Dave Kelly:

Todd Goldman also has a habit of stealing Threadless designs and many other artist’s work and remaking it to sell on canvases and t-shirts. You can see his legacy of art theft here:

Well Todd is at it again. Back in 2005 I had a two designs printed by Threadless which caught Goldman’s eye. He called me and said he liked my Threadless designs, that he had bought my Lil Soap shirt and asked if I would like to make designs for his t-shirt company. I said I would think about it, we never spoke again and a few months later someone alerted me to several very close rip-offs of my designs.

You can see all the Threadless rip-offs here:

At the time Threadless sent Goldman several Cease and Desist notices, threatened a lawsuit and the items were taken down.

Now it appears Goldman thinks enough time has passed that he can rip off the designs again, this is a picture that was sent to me by a friend of a David and Goliath shirt being sold at Universal Studios, with a profile for the design here:  http://www.humst.com/chicks-rule/girls-clothes/bffs-womens-t-shirt/3449.html

My original Threadless shirt: http://www.threadless.com/product/342/Cookie_Loves_Milk

Get the word out, no one should ever buy from Todd Goldman or David and Goliath tees again. Not just because of my design, but because Goldman’s long legacy of art theft is simply obscene.

my territory

I can’t decide if this is annoying, funny or just tragic…

A few years ago I made a music video for a song called ‘My Territory’. A couple of years later Transcontinental Media made a video to promote themselves at Toronto’s 2010 Fashion Week. Here are some clips of both so you can compare them.

I’m assuming since they used the same song that this wasn’t expected to reach a wide audience, so they probably felt safe to borrow from the original without fear of anyone involved stumbling upon it. I say ‘probably’, the fact is I was emailed about this from someone who worked on Transcontinental Media’s promo and apparently they played my video throughout their filming.

This manages to reach so many levels of crapness that it astounds me – the fact that they hired creatives to copy an existing video, that there are creatives out there who have to earn a living copying other creatives, the brave and yet ultimately terrible attempts of said creatives to give their own spin on the visuals – its kind of weirdly amusing and pitiful at the same time.

Here’s a link to my original video

And the full version of their’s

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