yeah- you stole our logo idea and you know it too

I know they say that mimicking is like the highest form of flattery but come on!
Our logo:

their logo:

back in 2007 when we found this we sent an email to the website saying we see they stole our logo and have 5 business days to take it down.

We actually hand drew what we were looking for and then took it to an artist who created a rendering. We then took that rendering to our graphics guy to create it- I have all the original artwork as it unfolded too- conveniently scanned as each round of work occured, on my computer-  Its dating back to 2004 so sounds like maybe Im being copied out there more than I realized…LOL
When we finally contacted them by phone they were rude and abusive and refused to take it down. Told us it was designed by their graphic designer (and PAID for it) and it was designed around the Disney CARS movie logo…Here it is 2011- ITS STILL THERE even after a cease and desist…

So unprofessional…. :)

Noisebot rips off XKCD

Many, many people are familiar with the geek-humored webcomic XKCD.  Just today I discovered that one of their lovable shirts was blatantly ripped off by t-shirt seller


Here’s the orignal, based on XKCD comic #208.  I don’t know this shirt’s orignal date of offering, but it’s been around for quite some time.


XKCD original

The original shirt, as seen


And the rip off, from the store, titled “Back Up, I’m going to try science”:


the Noisebot knock off

Seriously? Slap some goggles on it and change the TI-83 to a beaker?




The original is for sale at both and at the author’s webstore,  I sent the XKCD store manager an e-mail containing this information as well.  As a huge fan of that particular webcomic, and scientist, I’ll say this once:

Don’t mess with the geeks, man.

Forever Slave vs. Zhang Jingna

Zhang Jingna, also known as  Zemotion on many art sites, is a professional photographer. One of her most popular pictures is a piece she calls “Redemption”:





A while ago, it was brought to her attention that a female metal band by the name of “Forever Slave” had taken this artwork, thrown a filter over it, and had drawn the body on for their cover of their album “Tales for Bad Girls”:


Forever Slave's "Tales for Bad Girls" album cover.


Zhang knows of the theft, and you can read her response to it here: .  And here is a journal of hers linking to other works that were stolen:


She sent a cease and desist, but was never gotten back to. She says she does not have the funds or the time to pursue it. Blatant thieves like this disappoint me.

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