What makes a photographer talented?

About a week and a half ago, photographer Dangerously Dolly posted a status displaying the works of a photographer mocking an image she created Oct of 2010. You can read it here.

The photo on the left is her portrait, and the photo on the right is that of  photographer Christian Becker / Fotobeckerei of Germany, done in Jan of 2011.

Dangerously Dolly


Christian Becker - Stolen work


Within the comments of her facebook post, Dangerously Dolly mentions

“Okay so I just received an email from the photographer, funny after I posted this status.
He wrote: This image was produced on request of the models to me. She came to me with such images that they wanted to have as implemented. because it …was a paid shooting, it’s not me. Please sit down with her and discuss it.

…Great, someone got paid to reproduce my work. How unethical is that??”

Just like that, it’s so easy to just pass a problem onto someone else.
My question to you (the viewer:)
Is it ever “OK” to be paid to recreate the work of another artist without permission? Who holds true responsibility of stealing, the photographer or the model?

It makes me wonder if there’s other work on this photographers page he was paid to recreate. Is this talent?

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