Britains got talent 2011, Stephen Hall – Evolution of Dunce

I was watching Britain’s got talent last night and this act got through with rave reviews from the panel saying how original it was: or
(sorry, couldn’t get the embedded youtube to work at time of posting, maybe it’ll fix itself tho)

there’s another video on the internet with only 170,000,000 views, “the evolution of dance” by Judson Laipply, that it might just have been based on, just a little:

Some of the dance moves and music are identical; twist again…billy Jean…thriller….YMCA….birdie song, and probably several more. I can’t believe no one noticed at the time, or in editing before airing the show. Something tells me he might just get sussed before the next round!

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Android Jones plagiarism committed by Tom Krieger

Tom Krieger- Professional plagiator

Tom Krieger calls himself a photoillustrator. According to his homepage, he is a professional freelance illustrator since 18 years, working for big german and international agencies and publishers. He created illustrations for food packagings, car ads and other products for various big german companies.

I found this very familiar looking image in the 6/2010 issue of “digit!” in an article about the Photoshop Convention 2010 in Munich. It is supposed to be a “virtual” cover for a car catalog and was used in a lecture about the workflow in an advertising agency.
Android Jones plagiarism committed by Tom Krieger
“From the idea to the catalog cover: From scribble, car shooting (courtesy of Robin Preston) and a (non-final) Illustration by Tom Krieger, a motif, which was created for the photoshop convention and not quite finished, emerges in workflow with Andre Price and Marius Schwiegk (both Jung von Matt).”


The original is Metamorphine by Android Jones. He just flipped it and painted over it.

Android Jones- Metamorphine

Android Jones- Metamorphine


I informed Android about it and also posted it on here

As it turns out, it isn’t  . In 2007, Tom Krieger posted two images on conceptart. in this thread, trying to pass off manipulated photos as digital paintings. The observant members of noticed  and even found the source pictures. This is in his portfolio, too. Agency: REDPACK Design GmbH, client: Hills, campaign: Animal food




cat food ad



He seems to make a living with his image manipulations, and considering his client list, I assume he is well off. No one but Tom Krieger himself can know for sure how much  of his work is genuinely done by him and which sources are legitimate.

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99 vs. 50 Seinfeld References

I realize that at first glance, you may not see that many similarities between these two pieces.  Let me start by saying that I created this 99 Seinfeld References piece for a group show in LA all about cult TV shows.  I loved Seinfeld and was constantly quoting it, so I decided to do a piece based on all of the references I could think of, complete with a map & key.

After the show opened, this piece went viral on the internet, and I was contacted by a few t-shirt companies asking to print it, all coming up with very low offers (one very well-know site offered me $50 and 3 free t-shirts).  I declined all offers, choosing to work with the gallery on Limited Edition prints instead.  But then a few months later, this 50 Seinfeld References t-shirt shows up on those various sites all being distributed by the very company that contacted me to begin with.

Yes, they changed the amount of references and drew them out rather than painted them, but when you look closely, they completely stole from my “key” of ideas.  Sometimes it’s as if they just cut and pasted straight from it.  I realize that because of the trademarks and whatnot, I can’t do much about it, but I did not want this to go unnoticed.

My original piece HERE.

The ripoff t-shirt by Ripple Junction seen HERE.


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