Blog Catalog rips off Pure Volume’s Website

Blog Catalog is a site that categorizes and organizes blogs on the web. Similar to All Top, but Blog Catalog also functions as a reader for reading blogs rather than just linking to them.

Apparently, their designer didn’t feel like doing any actual designing and just decided to steal Pure Volume’s design.

Calgary Cosplay: Your design belongs to us.

About a year ago costume company CalgaryCosplay created a hoodie distinctly based from the design created by DirtyFox-FrostDragon and a partner called Tokushi.

Calgary admitted not knowing who created said design but the authors were told that it would be an unique commission so they agreed with their initial use of the work. Calgary added a link to the original entry (2) in deviantART and info about the authors on their deviantART submission.

A year later the authors have it brought to attention that said company is mass producing and selling the design on their homepage without permission or payment charging $364 DLLS per hoodie. DirtyFox-FrostDragon and his friend ask for removal of the product or at least credit for it. Calgary refused and removed the credit from the DeviantART submission as “punishment”. They now claim ownership over the design in spite of previous saved correspondence provided here. The DA image displayed originally screenshot of their actual work apparently provided by the commissioner to show how they got the product as close to the reference as possible.

Emails are sent back and forth, DirtyFox-FrostDragon and his friend are accused of extortion and having given permission, despite no evidence of such.

Screenshots of mails sent to CalgaryCosplay here and here.

Is not the first time CalgaryCosplay is involved in a copyright issue. They were threatened previously for selling Pokemon products.

Original article

No-name company rips off Australian artist Ravenskar

Viet-My Bui, also known as Ravenskar to the art world, is a talented Australian born Vietnamese artist.

About a year and half ago, she found out from a fan that someone took her work Something Like An Astronomer and horrendously glitter-fied it in to a shirt:

Look at all that horrifying glitter.

Here is the original picture by Ravenskar:

Sadly, the artist has tried to find the seller, but to this day cannot find anything about the designers. The manufacturers have no website, no number or email, nothing.

You can find her original blog post about the incident and all the information she knows thus far HERE.

It seems these jerks may get away with it after all.

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