Mortal Kombat teaser rips off ZBrushCentral artist?

So, I’m sure everyone’s seen the Mortal Kombat (WARNING: NWS) concept teaser by now. At one point, the character Sub-Zero’s face appears on screen for a split second. It looks like this:

Someone noticed it looks suspiciously like some artwork done by a ZBrushCentral artist named – FoOD -. And by “looks suspiciously like,” I mean someone took one of his renders, mirrored it, and added a filter or two.

If you look at the last page of the thread, some people are asking the artist if it was a theft or if he was working with the creators, and he hasn’t responded yet (edit: He’s now responded and it is in fact used without permission). Thoughts?

Thanks to the Something Awful forum.

RESERVED rips off Rockie Nolan (updated!)

My name is Rockie Nolan. I am a nineteen year old photographer living in the United States.

I was recently informed by one of my followers on deviantART who noticed the large clothing company RESERVED (based in Poland) selling a t-shirt with my image printed on it.

found at a location in Poland

The image is a self-portrait I took this time about a year ago (yes, I am a girl… I just have a boy’s name)

Original self-portrait by Rockie Nolan

I’m not sure what I find more offensive, the fact that they blatantly took my image without my permission or the hideous bedazzling they have added to an already idiotic phrase.

Curiously enough, they do not have the shirt in question listed on the site despite the fact that multiple people have found the shirt in their local stores. Someone else pointed out that another shirt from Reserved features stolen illustrations as well. I had to email the company that owns the company because the Reserved website is too flashy and their contact box does not yet work, but I have not yet heard back from them.

Yesterday (july 14th) I received an email from the company’s attorney.

“We appreciate the value of our own IP rights, and respect IP rights of the other creators. Unfortunately one of our contractor must have taken the shortcut and used your work as its own. Please accept our apologies for it, and be assured that it happened without LPP’s knowledge and acceptance. In return for the inconvience occured to you, we would like to offer you cooperation, and license some of your work found at devianart. Enclosed please find photos that we are interested in using as  printed designs. We may pay you $150 per each, which is regular price we pay for licensing such photos. ”

So basically, instead of taking care of the theft they’d rather rectify the situation by using more of my pictures in the future? While that is flattering, that in no way covers the fact that they stole my image.

For those who commented on me being “a teenager looking for a big payout” that is not the case. I am an artist and I am only seeking a rightful compensation for the illegal production of my work. I am not asking for anything outrageous, only compensation and to teach these companies that they must take caution with copyright.

I will update this when I hear from them again.
Thanks for your support! It is because of this site that they even contacted me in the first place!

Hiromi Kiriki has No Pattern

Today I was made aware of a designer named Hiromi Kiriki who created a futuristic concept watch for Sony and blatantly stole my work to go along with this, never requesting permission. He even edited out the ADL logo that was in the original. The original work is the cover for the 2008 Anti-Defamation League Annual Report which I was commissioned to design by the agency The Brownstein Group. Kiriki uploaded the design, to much press & traffic, to

Hiromi Kiriki’s watch concepts:

Original art by Chuck Anderson from

Amazing how the internet and Ctrl+C = creativity nowadays…very unfortunate, because the concepts are very cool. What would have been so hard about emailing me and asking for permission?

Rather interesting similarities…

I’m only posting this as the animation by commercial animation director Siobhan Bowers, is so incredibly close to a film by another animation director Celyn Brazier yet there’s no acknowledgement of insipration which is a shame as I know Celyn wouldn’t have minded as much if she had! Obviously that’s assuming that Ms Bowers has ever seen Celyn’s film, and apologies if this is entirely coincidental Siobahn!

To her credit it’s not a commissioned film however it’s now part of her portfolio for employment.

Celyn’s World Wildlife film made in 2008

Siobahn’s ‘happy birthday’ film

Rage Against The Machine Stole My Idea – Total Rip Off (NOT)

YTWWN SAYS:  Im letting this post go up as a ‘what not to do’ the case here is that they have both sourced the same image or both ripped of the same photographer. Also note there is no such thing as ‘google stock image’


A logo i made for our band ‘Tribal Vibe’ It has now been stolen and used as a Rage Against The Machine T-Shirt. Apparently for their most recent gig too.

i was looking through the NME magazine and saw the tshirt wiht our DVD cover. imagine my surprise!!!

The original photo comes from google stock image and was edited in a specific way to make the DVD cover.

Here is the Original Design from Tribal Vibe with the rip off tshirt design added in the bottom corner.

here is the link to the original tribal vibe Cover. it shows the date the image was uploaded

and there is the link to the RATM TShirt

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