The New Website Takedown Bill

There is a new Bill going to congress that will allow the Department of Justice to take down websites that are primarily used for copyright material. This sounds like it could stop some websites that have a lot of stolen artwork on them. Most of the affected websites would be one’s that have videos and music on them. Some of the other affected websites could be one’s that have stolen images. I think they should make stricter laws for specific instances of stolen content on-line. I know there are laws but they are pretty much never enforced. I guess only in time will people’s work be respected.  -Thought for the Day

The sincerest form of flattery

Yesterday we discovered that our website had been copied and repurposed by another graphic design firm.

It was our site, it contained our code, and many of the projects they purported to be their own were our designs with a new company name and logo Photoshopped in.

We are all influenced by the world around us, we all repurpose. Everything has been done. Nothing is new. But, we have to keep on trying to improve, add quality, depth and delight.

Just don’t steal. I learned that when I was four years old.

Steve Liska

Artist Rob Pruitt steals artwork for an art show in New York city.

Robert Pruitt was recently feature in the new york times for his art show is understood to have stolen his art from a well known graphics designer. Robert Pruitt has been contected and made aware that we know what has happened but still refuses to even acknowledge the other artist’s design. Robert intends ( if he did not already) to sell the art after the show and im sure he is not thinking about given the real artists and compensation. The design is a copyrighted piece of art work but the original artist does nto live in america so we are not sure what can be done.

Here are some pictures.
Here is the original design created by artist aj dimarucot.

here is the picture features in the New York Times.

New York times was contacted and were were basically told that it was not their issue.

I have made it a personal mission of mine to make sure the original artist gets what he deserves. C’mon guys!

The original design is currently on sale over at threadless.

The Hotel Hanford vs. The Hutton Hotel

Just noticed that the Costa Mesa, CA based Hotel Hanford logo (designed in 2009 by  Jovenville in Newport Beach, CA) is strikingly similar to the Nashville, TN based Hutton Hotel logo (designed in 2007 by TractorBeam in Dallas, TX).

Not sure what the thought process behind the Hanford logo was… but I know for sure that the Hutton logo was designed as a tall “H” with the negative spaces mimicking the vertical architectural “blades” that span the height of the Hutton building.

Being that these logos are very similar in appearance, and that both are for hotels, I have a hard time believing that this is purely coincidental.

Rip-off of my “Pugs Not Drugs” design

I made this image about a year ago now and have sold it as a print, a card and on T-shirts and tote bags, through my Etsy shop and various retailers around the world.

The original image: (from my website)

On a tote bag:

It has been very popular, so I kind of knew this would happen sooner or later….
Still sucks though. This bag was spotted at an as-yet-unidentified Mexican *** retailer which also apparently sells cheap knock-offs of designer handbags.

pugs not drugs in mexico
It’s an obvious trace of my artwork. Although it’s not the artwork from the bags I sell (the text at the bottom is slightly different, as you can see, and there is just the one heart) but from my original drawing/print. So they probably pulled it off the internet and did a bad tracing. The poor pug’s mouth looks terrible.
I don’t know if I’ll be able to find the store or do anything about this, but it’s pretty upsetting for me.

*** EDIT : I think the bag is actually from the Phillipines, not Mexico. Which makes copyright infringement action very difficult.

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