“Dinner for Schmucks” mouse diorama ripoff by Chiodo Brothers

Jeanie M. is a fabulous artist in San Francisco, who has been doing original, wonderful works of art consisting of taxidermied mice en tableaux. She dresses them in tiny costumes, sets them up in anthropomorphic scenes.

Her website is here:  http://www.mouseangel.com/mice.htm

Enter the corporate pimps at Dreamworks and their whores, the Chiodo Brothers, who completely rip off Jeanie M’s. work with out so much as a tip of their hat. They just appropriated everything about her work. Did they even contact her? Probably not.

Not the first time the Chiodo Brothers ripped someone off for their work; they ruipped off the “Thunderbirds” TV show with their work on “Team America: World Police”.

Sad to see such intellectual theft. pathetic. I hope she sues Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks, and the Chiodo Brothers and wins big money.

An original Jeanie M. aka "Mouse Girl" work

Another original Jeanie M. aka "Mouse Girl" work

Chiodo Brothers RipOff

...more Chido Brothers RipOffs of Jeanie M.'s work

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