Electric Zombie Rips Off Red Dead Redemption/Rockstar Games

The Original:

Red Dead Redemption Case Artwork by Rockstar Games.

Not even questionable -

Ironically called “Redemption” for the band Silverstein, Artist: Electric Zombie.

Coincidentally also calls out another artist for mirroring other styles on his blog, funny he uses exact stolen artwork on his own projects! This is NOT the first time he’s been called out. Check out his portfolio HERE for other “questionable at best” pieces.

Bombthesilent steals Hylton Warburton’s design

Bombthesilent has stolen Hylton Warburton’s design, and is trying to sell Tshirts with the design on them… THIEF!

Here is Hylton Warburton’s original Illustration…


And here is where Bombthesilent is trying to sell the design illegally…


Bombthesilent has also ripped off other artist, one of which is Jess Fink.

We all know this fox


Some time ago I walked through the city at night and noticed a new shop called “Silberfuchs” (silverfox). Found in Offenbach, Germany

And it’s mascott seemed really familiar. It’s Tails from the videogame series Sonic which is used/traced.

I tend to just call the shop and say I work at Sega and would like to talk to their buisness managment, or call a horde of Sonic fantards and unleash ‘em. But I guess I leave the fun to Sega itself. If it’s even worth… Would you recomand to just mail the german Sega support team?

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