I only know about this because THEY contacted ME!

Here is some fairly shameless plagiarism from Australia. I only know about it because they contacted me saying they love my work and would like me to design them a new logo!

I designed this spread for SummerWinter Magazine, a mag that I am art director of in Australia, it was also up on the SummerWinter website for quite some time. They are a fashion label and they’ve used practically the same design for their logo


Sure, they’ve changed it from ‘Summer’ to ‘Strummer’ but it’s still basically the same design. I don’t even think it’s a good choice for a logo, I designed it to be almost illegible!

I’m not really that bothered, it’s not my best work and I did it about 4 years ago. I haven’t replied to them yet, what do you guys think I should say? I feel like I should send them an invoice for their first logo along with the quote for the re-brand.

My contest winning dress design copied to win another design contest

I designed this qipao styled dress for Fan+Friend online shop’s design contest 2009. The idea of the contest is to design a lolita/aristocrat styled outfit and the winning outfit will be made as an actual piece to be sold at the F+F online store. I happened to win with this design:

The original design by Charlotta Tiuri (noke89):

This is the dress Fan+Friend made and it is now sold at their online store.

The original piece by Fan+Friend:

About one year later somebody noticed me in Deviantart, that they have seen something, that seems to be a rip off of my design. I got a link to chicstar.com and I found this:

The Rip Off by Daniela Valentini and chicstar:

Daniela Valentini had won a contest with this design in chicstar and the chicstar have now made the dress and they are also selling it on their site. I reported this in their site, but they refused to remove it.

The similarities:

I think anyone can tell the similarities between the designs and I think this “designer” have seen the dress that is sold on F+F site and ripped off the idea from it. The color options are exactly the same, the idea of the print is exactly the same (for me it doesn’t matter if it’s birds & flowers or just flowers) and the basic shape and the ruffles in the bottom are exactly the same.

The differences:

Fan+Friend did some changes to my original design as well. The ruffles on the back side, the corset lacing in the back and they also changed the print a little bit. Still it is my design. Daniela Valentini also did minimal changes, she added the buttons on the front and there are no ruffles on the back (just like in my original design) while in F+F version there are. I don’t think these little details really matter, the overview is just the same.

What is the design originally about:

The “designer” seemed to know nothing about the inspiration of this dress since she named the piece  ”Japan Inspired Lolita Dress” . As the original designer of this dress I know it is China inspired dress that’s got influence form the traditional Chinese dress qipao. The style is naturally lolita style, since the original design contest was a about lolita fashion. And lolita style comes from Japan so every lolita dress is basically  Japan inspired. The style of this dress in fact is qi-lolita (qipao+lolita). If you don’t know this much about these styles and you haven’t seen the F+F dress that I designed, then it is quite a coincidence that you have been able to pull out exact the same style of design.

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