Alley Katze traced by another deviantARGHtist

This is one of the many smudger-repainters I’m gonna bring to light here.

Original image:


And if it’s not clear here’s a animated GIF

and here I leave you with the typical response of a low moral ARGHtist on deviantart when you confront her/him/it with evidence:

If you check her page i’ll be you’ll find other stuff she has stolen from somewhere and getting all smudged on photoshop

What a shame…and I swear i know more, but gimme time to prepare!

Hip Hop Karaoke Toronto T-shirt ripped

This spring in Toronto, Hip Hop Karaoke put together this T-shirt design for their 3rd anniversary show with Chali 2na, printed less than a hundred shirts and that was that. This past weekend at Rock the Bells (kind of a hip hop woodstock) in New York City someone noticed our design, ripped and on sale at a merch booth! It’s a blatant bad live trace (why’d they leave the “3″ in there?) with some less than classy edits.

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