Factor Alternative Outfitters rips off Rachmat Lianda *update*


I’ve been trying to talk to the company that manufactured the t-shirt and so far they seem to have no intention to resolve this matter. All I got are just “We’ll handle this immediately” and “We’ll contact you again soon.” If things stay this way I think I’m gonna have to take this to court. Wish me luck.


Hello everyone. My name is Rachmat Lianda and I’m a 23 year old photographer/designer living in Jakarta, Indonesia. I went to Kelapa Gading 3 Mall in Jakarta yesterday and serendipitically found out myself that Factor Alternative Outfitters have ripped my typography work here:

and made this silly parody here:

which design is too hilarious i’m not even laughing.

I asked the store clerk about the t-shirt and she said it’s a new collection which was launched a week ago. I bought the shirt (and tried real hard not to bite the store clerk’s head off, I realized it’s not really her fault) as a proof. I knew from the store clerk that the brand has several branches in Jakarta, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, and Malang (all in Indonesia) so maybe the t-shirt can be found in there too. Took a better picture of the t-shirt, overlaid it with the work, and look what I have here:

I went to the website, www.factor-outfitters.com, but apparently it’s inactive. I checked the cached page and found out that it also has branches in Singapore: Junction 8, S.C and White Sand S.C.  If you live in Singapore maybe you could help me check? It’ll be very appreciated.

I found the office address, which is located here in Jakarta too, so I guess I’ll send them a Cease & Desist Letter today. There’s also a facebook page so I’ll a put the C& D Letter on a note and tag them or something. Will update later, hopefully with good news. Wish me luck.

Junk Food rips off Brooke Robinson

Junk Food claimed their designers were searching for inspiration for a music series line of t-shirts on the internet and came across my turntable design in a blog. I had an attorney write a Cease & Desist letter to Junk Food. I didn’t have enough money to take them to court so they wrote a letter of apology and we settled on a payment.

My design:

Brooke's Turntable Design

Brooke's Turntable design

Junk Food’s version on a t-shirt:

Junk Food's version of my turntable

I was fortunate enough to find the t-shirt in a local boutique called Chrome in Lubbock, TX. I actually found it once more in Forever 21 in the Lubbock Mall. A friend found a girl’s version of the tee in Heritage 1981.

Mundo Ilustrado rips off Seniorita Polyester

Today we found out that an original illustration from my girlfriend seniorita polyester is being printed on wallets produced by an argentinian brand called Mundo Ilustrado. They didn’t just add the image without permision but they also alterated the color and did a little treatment to the design. The sad thing is that they claim to be designers but sell other peoples work without giving any credit.
We found out via facebook.

This is the original watercolor by seniorita polyester

This is the wallet by Mundo Ilustrado

Internet add steals Bleach cosplay pic.

ad with beach cosplay

This impressive cosplay of the character Kuchiki from the anime Bleach can be seen as one of those ads that pops up all over the place… you know the types… The original picture can be found on google using the tagline “bleach cosplay toothbrush” (And I HIGHLY recommend that fans of this particular anime should take a look themselves, while possibly temporarily disabling the adult filter.) I don’t have definitive proof that the owner wasn’t contacted and permission wasn’t gained, but I seriously doubt that the company went through the trouble of tracking the girl down for something like that.

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