Watch out for…Shutterstock copycat artist Sasha Yesik!

This week I had some bad & very annoying news….. A Shutterstock artist has blatantly copied my work! I will be taking the relevant action & have lodged a formal complaint with Shutterstock but I wanted to share this with you to raise awareness on the issue of copyright & to hopefully drum up some support also. Please leave your honest comments below, I would really appreciate them.


The so called COPYCAT ARTIST ‘SASHA YESIK’ claims the piece was  created ‘independently’… The artist is currently under investigation. Shutterstock have since removed the image from the site, however the damage has been done & the image has been used without my permission for financial gain.
*See images below of my ‘Fun Floral’ signature print on a lamp for Seascape USA & on one of my cushions from  my signature collection in the UK  & the cheap BLATANT SHUTTERSTOCK COPY below.
You can also view more of my work & you can visit my blog at:

Original 'Fun Floral' Lamp by rachaeltaylordesigns

'Fun Floral' Cushion by rachaeltaylordesigns


Pulling my strings

It’s ironic when an idea is ripped off in a giant way. Publicity stunts are basically built to be recorded and displayed on YouTube, so even more people can experience the event.

Royal De Luxe is a French marionette street theater company that has been around since 1979. They’ve done some amazing work, and some is starting to appear in the U.S. without any credit. A beautiful stunt they did last fall was to commemorate the 20yr anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. A giant marionette girl and her uncle, a diver, were created with a story that came to life throughout that day.

Mayflower Moving company has done some new commercials that are appearing nationwide. You can check out their YouTube commercial to see all of the spots, but they use a giant marionette doll that’s eerily similar to the Berlin Reunion stunt Royal De Luxe did Oct. ’09. Grey Advertising in NYC is behind the stunt and hired The Character Shop to help produce the 20ft doll.

I can’t imagine what it costs to build a doll like that, and then shoot the commercials. But if you’re going to spend that kinda $$$, why don’t you spend a little time creating a unique concept?

Also, JWT Sydney made a 9m doll for a TV commercial stunt in June ’09, but the PR at least gives some reference to the “French puppet.”

Not saying big dolls are ownable, but the grace and beauty of the marionettes in the Berlin work is totally cheapened by the Mayflower stuff. It’s almost made creepy.


Mayflower Doll

Mayflower Moving Commercial 2010 – the complete journey


Royal de Luxe doll

Le Rendeze-vous de Berlin, Royal de Luxe

art stamps!

I love this site — makes me realize there are people out there who KNOW what I’m going through.  But I feel a little funny about posting this as the copycat, an artist for a company called Paper Popsicles is um, not so talented and so this problem isn’t as glitzy as most of the stuff I see posted here.  Still, I need some advice because I put side-by-side pics up on my Facebook fan page and this “company” aggressively reported me to FB for copyright infringement!  Now my whole post to my fans complaining (and attempting to educate) about image theft is MIA.

Here are just “some” of the stamps they’ve copied (My originals on the left, hehe):

So my questions are — poor technique aside: are these “copies” of my art? Obviously they were not traced, but just as obviously, they are taking my illustrations and trying to change them enough so they don’t get sued.  I never wanted to bring the law down on them, but this is actually the second company who has done this (the other one nicely took down the copied art and it ended there.)

Is it “fair use” to put up side by sides on FB or other public forums?

Thanks for any advice!

Maurie J. Manning

Idonesian ‘Designer’ stole Themrock’s pics for his T-Shirts

Hello everyone!

My name is Dirk Erik Schulz and i live in Berlin, Germany.

I work as a freelancer and make some fanart. Sometimes I post them on Deviantart for my own entertainment, but not for comercial use.

my page:

A visitor of my page has sent me a note about an indonesian Designer, who has took 6 or maybe more pics of my stuff and removed my signature.

He just added some blood details and changed colors, but my overall ‘fanart’ of an copyrigthed character is still visible.

Here the proof with his t-Shirts , my original pics and an example of how he took it:

And here is the thief his Facebook account:!/dibby.Flash?ref=mf

and here the gallery with all stolen pics on t-shirts:!/album.php?aid=6390&id=100001041878136

He even tries to sell the designs to other Shirt shops.

Thanks for the help, dudes!


Hammo + Bape = Jape

A few weeks ago a friend sent me this photo that he took of a “Jungle Ape” t-shirt he saw for sale in London, recognising a couple of my illustrations, but suspecting I had nothing to do with it. He was right. And I’m sure Bathing Ape, who they’re also blatantly biting, have nothing to do with it either.

Jape T-shirt on the left, my stuff on the right

So a quick search for “Jape” or “Jungle Ape” came up with an alarming catalogue of lazy theft. First of which was their logo (and t-shirt design) lifted from a stencil I did back in 2005, and coupled with the Bape “Baby Milo” face.

Followed by countless other t-shirt designs. So far I’ve counted over 70 which have used my artwork, which they’ve nicked from my Flickr, Fotolog and Stencil Revolution galleries. Here are a few examples…

Behold the sloppy thievery (click for large view)

A quick glance at some of their designs shows that they’re also ripping off Jamie Hewlett, Friends With You, FlyingFortress and Jean Julien to name but a few.

Here’s their European distributor’s page. Why not see how many more rips you can spot!

With Jungle Ape having originated in Thailand (with online stores cropping up in Europe), I’m not sure what the chances of getting any of this resolved are…

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