Try to convince me they didnt rip my name off…

Ok, I wish I had something as tangible as a blatantly copied art piece…

But after being in business for 3.5 years, my company is my baby, my art. And i chose a name that no one would ever likely replicate, both because of the obscurity and spelling.

This is me, Sugadeaux. In business in Australia since 2007 – see that copyright at the bottom of the screen?

And here’s a  business in Indiana who were brought to my attention today. See? Around since 2010? Ignore the fact they used “bakery” in the title, they clearly only have cupcakes. PLus they used one of those addresses so the fact that i own the sugadeaux domain is redundant. *sigh*

If you think there is a chance in hell that this person didnt google the name before the settled on it, you’re wrong. Its irrelevant that the two businesses are physically located in two different countries – both are internet based, and both reply on being showcased on international blogs and sites to make a name for themselves, particularly for SEO.

Julia Pott’s Work Blatantly Stolen by Maxine Carsboult

This post is being made on behalf of Julia Pott.

An Illustration/Animation graduate from Kingston University 2007, she had great success with her film ‘My First Crush’ and has since gone on to develop a range of characters and designs with her unmistakable style.

However, just this week a girl called Maxine Carsboult was brought to our attention and it appears that she has not only used Julia’s work for her degree coursework but also many examples of students work from Kingston University. She has simply traced much of Julia’s work as you can see from the examples, only very small details are changed.

Maxine’s University has been contacted and efforts are now underway to ensure she pays the appropriate penalty for her outrageous plagiarism.

Examples below:

Some more, notice the cat design from Julia’s existing tattoo range currently on sale. Maxine has switched the angle, changed it a little and added a Santa hat. She’s also cut the arm off short where it normally held onto the original dog.

Next is Julia’s pillow print design featuring the big bear. Maxine has simply stolen, traced and re-coloured.

We found there was a Kingston University connection. This was a poster designed and drawn by a Kingston student for a local pub gig. Now look at the cat in the picture frame as part of the collection shown on Maxine’s website. You’ll also notice much of Julia’s work there too! (beach huts, animal party, the birds, bear etc.) We can only hope this wasn’t her degree show display, since it’s made up almost exclusively of other people’s work.

Copies of Irana Douer’s work, Irana’s are the first 2:

There are some subtle differences, they have been redrawn but the similarity is unmistakeable.

Here are some examples of Maxine stealing Amy Blackwell’s illustrations, again Amy’s are first:

Amy’s have been on sale on the internet for some time, Maxine has simply re-coloured the original.

Finally here is another one of Julia’s works, The Ocelot. Again Julia’s is first and the second picture shows Maxine holding the stolen image (claiming it as her own on her blog) this image was taken from the blog.

If you want to see more examples of Maxine’s theft, check out Julia’s site here :

Compare that to Maxine’s site here:

Shameful…there’s no other word for it.

There are many more examples of theft on her various websites and we doubt that ANYTHING she has or is exhibiting is her own work. Has anyone actually seen her draw a picture?

…Friends of Julia…

It has also come to our attention that she has stolen the work of Gemma Corell, Amy Blackwell, Nan Lawson, Kate Wilson, Iran Douer and others who at the moment we cannot confirm as of writing.

STOP PRESS – as of the 13th July 2010 ALL examples of Maxine Carsboult’s stolen work has disappeared without trace from the internet.

The following accounts have been deleted:




Her references on the Yellow Jelly site have been removed.

Korean Company Broccoli Stole Design from Happy Doodle Land

Hi friends, my name is Flora Chang and I am the designer behind Happy Doodle Land. About two weeks ago, one of my Flickr contact emailed me and let me know that while traveling in Korea, she saw a t-shirt with my rough sketch “Mustached Owl” being sold there. The problem is, I’ve never authorized any company to use my image on their shirts. The company which ripped me off is called “Broccoli”, and they even claim the design to be theirs on their label. They completely took my sketch and placed it on their shirt without even changing it one bit. Please take a look of them side by side here. I don’t know if there is any legal action I can take, or if I even want go through the trouble, but at least I can post it here and let you know.


Here is my original sketch from 2008:
Love Child of 3 Trends

Here is a closer look of the copycat shirt:

This Korea company stole my design!!!

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