I only know about this because THEY contacted ME!

Here is some fairly shameless plagiarism from Australia. I only know about it because they contacted me saying they love my work and would like me to design them a new logo!

I designed this spread for SummerWinter Magazine, a mag that I am art director of in Australia, it was also up on the SummerWinter website for quite some time. They are a fashion label and they’ve used practically the same design for their logo


Sure, they’ve changed it from ‘Summer’ to ‘Strummer’ but it’s still basically the same design. I don’t even think it’s a good choice for a logo, I designed it to be almost illegible!

I’m not really that bothered, it’s not my best work and I did it about 4 years ago. I haven’t replied to them yet, what do you guys think I should say? I feel like I should send them an invoice for their first logo along with the quote for the re-brand.

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