I’m a professional photographer based in New York and I received  the following email I received from a friend today:

“Just thought I would let you know you should be more flattered than pissed off by this but there are artists in London who seemed to have based a project off your Darth Vader mask image.

Littewhitehead installation

Alex Brown's photograph

This photograph was taken by me and first published in The Vice Photo Book 2007 as well as an older issue of Vice magazine. Since then it has been used on as well as posted on numerous blogs such as:

If you Google “Sad Vader” or “Vader kid” you will see just how often my image appears in one form or another on the web.

I guess I should be flattered that someone has created a life size replica of one of my photographs, but I am not happy that they are passing it off as an original concept and that they make no reference to my original photograph. Littlewhitehead are clearly trying to steal what made my photograph so interesting. Any artist with an ounce of creativity would have taken the idea and expanded on it. At the very least, I would have expected them to have the integrity to contact me first and to make some kind of reference to my influence.

Defending the Big Guy?

Irony comes in some interesting forms.  For years I have been preaching about big companies blatantly ripping off lesser known artists. Despite this, sometimes the little guy can be just as much a plagiarist. I was walking into one of my favorite record stores today when I saw a giant poster advertising this:

CD Release Ad

Which reminded me a lot of one of my favorite video games:

Video Game Cover

Don’t get me wrong, EA is no saint. In the past the game company has had several lawsuits filed against it for questionable business practices and has even gone as far as erasing parts of their own Wikipedia entry to cover their questionable ethics. However art theft is art theft, especially theft as blatant as this. Lets have a closer look shall we?

Stolen Logo Proof

Photo Left URL: (Center Picture on page)

Photo Right URL: (top banner on page)

The “S” really gives it away. Whoever copied this didn’t even bother hiding where  the “S” was cut off by the Need for Speed text.

Here is the link to their  main site and myspace:

Go nuts.

I just saw this Honda commercial on TV.  It looks way too much like Justin BUA’s Art work, BUT I just checked his facebook and he says he didn’t do it.  What do you guys think…did they totally jack his style or am I wrong? Check out the video and the pics I attached and if you want more pics check out his facebook as well.

-Wild Artist Michael Cook

Honda Commercial

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