Pamela Love and Moon Raven Designs

Now, this is kind of a curious situation –

Today I stumbled upon a blog post about Pamela Love, a NY based jewelry designer. I saw a necklace she had on, and instantly recognized it; I owned one just like it, created by Moon Raven Designs.

Even her “signature eagle claw” jewelry looked similar to a design they had listed:

Thing is though, I’m not sure who copied whom — Moon Raven Designs has been on Etsy since November of ’08, and Love started gaining popularity around ’08 as well. MRD does have an ebay store which was around since ’99, though because of expired ebay listings, I’m not sure if they have been selling the bird skull/claw pendants for that long. Here’s their seller page.

Why do they never think we will find out?

I’m probably an artist, and I do post my “work” on various fora, so the images are there for the perusal of the public; I tend to work in three dimensions, such as this “Steampunk” style space craft:

So, imagine my surprise when a Google search for “Steampunk Space Ship” returns this:

The details of my build, dating back to September 2008, can be found here, and the information on the virtual copy can be found here.

I’m especially amused that the downloadable model contains a ‘license’ for it’s use by purchasers…


I’m a professional photographer based in New York and I received  the following email I received from a friend today:

“Just thought I would let you know you should be more flattered than pissed off by this but there are artists in London who seemed to have based a project off your Darth Vader mask image.

Littewhitehead installation

Alex Brown's photograph

This photograph was taken by me and first published in The Vice Photo Book 2007 as well as an older issue of Vice magazine. Since then it has been used on as well as posted on numerous blogs such as:

If you Google “Sad Vader” or “Vader kid” you will see just how often my image appears in one form or another on the web.

I guess I should be flattered that someone has created a life size replica of one of my photographs, but I am not happy that they are passing it off as an original concept and that they make no reference to my original photograph. Littlewhitehead are clearly trying to steal what made my photograph so interesting. Any artist with an ounce of creativity would have taken the idea and expanded on it. At the very least, I would have expected them to have the integrity to contact me first and to make some kind of reference to my influence.

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