Freedom by TopShop blatantly stole LolaPop’s Hello Sailor Earrings

Topshop strikes again!!! I run a small label called LolaPop, all my jewellry is designed and handmade by me. I was going to let this go quietly but since seeing what has happened to LadyLuckRulesOK and Made By White, i thought what the hell. If these massive companies are gonna have the cheek to rip of independent designers then they should be named and shamed. We need to stick up for ourselves and whilst i’m sure it won’t make a difference to the way they “design” at least the more people are aware of it the better.

The copy is an awful embarrassing lame ass version of my original. After the earrings being for sale on my shop for over a year I got a press opportunity to be in NME magazine, i sent them a photo of my hello sailor earrings then three months later, there they are on the TopShop website! In NME they even wrote that i’m a small independent designer who hand makes every piece so they were very aware that they were screwing over a little guy. How low is that! I mean isn’t the creative bit of the job the fun part of being in the design industry, by stealing other peoples ideas are you not just making your job incredibly dull!

“Details for Perfect”

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.  We see our designs copied on a regular basis, usually it’s our firm website being copied by some fly-by-night operation overseas, but occasionally one of the original designs we’ve created for a client site gets stolen by a competitor who doesn’t think we’d ever notice….

The original — Arecont Vision —

The sad imitation — Anyvision —

Susan Vs Banksy

Clothing store Susan (as in “this goes with that”) has wheeled the old “as long as we change 30%” chestnut.

Their new range of sleepwear was spotted in their stores by a “concerned citizen”…armed with a camera phone and a change room, she has provided evidence…also has reportedly secured examples via a promo voucher.  It is also she that had direct contact with susan and was given the said “as long as we change 30%” line.  So they are not denying the rip

The ripped designs prominently feature the rats, in a non to sublte rip, obviously using Banksy’s as a source image and fiddling with it a bit.

The items do not appear on their online catalog for some reason???  susan vs banksy

rat bottoms

I am sure you have seen them enough to recognise them.

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