a co-incidence? I think not…

I designed this logo in 1999/2000 for my mother’s company in Australia (formed 1998) and she came across a copycat the other day in the US (CA)… same company name (not unusual as it is a very popular name) but SAME logo? No way it is a co-incidence… see for yourselves.

The original:

Original logo

The copycat:

The Rip-off

So looks like a slightly different font (stretched and curved edges like original), spacing etc but pretty blatant.

My mum is no longer using that particular logo but the figure is still part of her new logo.

Thought we wouldn’t notice eh?


Wow. Sometimes I think designers assume they can steal from smaller companies because – let’s be honest – who’s ever going to know, right? But when that small company gets bigger, suddenly a lot more people can see how you ripped them off. Check out these logos:

From L to R: Plan B Ad Agency, Blooming Color, and Plan B LLC in Dubai.

The first one was created over 10 years ago at an ad agency in Chicago, Plan B [the agency alternative]. The next one was “designed” years later by a suburban Chicago printing company called Blooming Color. And today I found a third Plan B logo that’s curiously similar to the first one for a company out of Dubai! I can definitely see how there would be different companies with a prominent “B” in their logo, but these treatments are just WAY too similar to be a coincidence. Don’t you think? Lower case b’s in nearly identical font styles slanting to the right inside the right half of an ellipse? I guess if you’re going to lift a logo it ought to be from a creative ad agency, right?

Check out Blooming Color’s website here or send them an email.

You can also see the ripoff logo for the Dubai agency here.

Its a lemon

Found this while browsing some css galleries today. This is so obvious its almost embarrassing:

Catchmail is an email marketing web application for sending out html emails: catchmail. This site has been round for a while and is constantly featured on design inspiration lists.

Lemon squeezy, offer the same service but seemed to REALLY like the design of catchmail lemonsqueezy email

Have a look for yourself:

But wait, there’s more…the guys at lemon squeezy email are so good, they even stolen one of catchmails clients!

And it also seems they named their CSS stylesheet in a bizarre homage to the original catchmail website. Nice touch guys!

life sucking forces take ideas from one another

On Facebook there’s a game called SuperPoke! Pets on Facebook. You create a pet, take care of it, and can buy things for it’s habitat. You can purchase toys and stuff. On thing that poped up today was the Mystical Pandorable Lizard which looked strikingly similar to me for some reason. It reminded me of a pet you get in the RPG World of Warcraft, the Sprite Darter Hatchling. Coincidence?

Hot Topic vs. Street Art

Hot Topic has apparently discovered street art. However, sadly for Hot Topic, one of the artists is Banksy and the designs don’t even appear to have been redone.

D*Face Original “Pop Tart”




Banksy original “Gansta Rat”  2004:




Banksy “Bomb Hugger”




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