Enough Copying Jon Burgerman Already

Jon Burgerman is an extremely prolific artist. Unfortunately, so are his many copycats. I (admittedly obsessively) catalog all of Jon’s work online at Doodlesplatter, and thought it might be interesting to spotlight some of these Sham Artists. I’ve given out medals to the bronze, silver and gold impostors. The award icons were designed by The Neon Hive who have used Jon’s font in homage, a key difference between them and these other “artists” who have straight-up stolen Jon’s actual style without so much as a namedrop for inspiration. You can see all the winner-losers here: http://www.doodlesplatter.com/2010/02/doodlesplatters-first-annual-shammy-awards

I think Aris Moore is a secret Camilla Engman fan.

I came across some work by a woman called Aris Moore this week in the March/April 2010 edition of the Australian magazine Frankie. I was immediately struck by the similarity of her work to that of Swedish painter Camilla Engman.

The similarities occur in style, compostion, use of colour, technique and most markedly, in subject choice.

While none of the pictures published in the magazine, or upon further investigation, on Moore’s blog : www.peekado.blogspot.com or her Flickr page :  http://www.flickr.com/photos/45553658@N05/ could be described as direct copies of Engman’s work, the similarities seem way beyond coincidence to me.

Links to examples of Camilla Engman’s vast body of beautiful and original work can be found via her blog at: http://camillaengman.blogspot.com/

Although I have not read Moore’s blog in it’s entirety I can find no acknowledgement of Engman as an influence or inspiration for her work. It seems very difficult to believe that Moore has never seen the work.

Moore’s blog itself seems to mimic Engman’s, but, just as with her paintings and drawings, she falls short of the quality she obviously aspires to. Please have a look for yourself. If you are a fan of Aris Moore’s work, you will be astounded by Camilla Engman.

'Bring a Friend' by Camilla Engman, posted on Flickr in November 2008

Drawing added to Moore's blog in October 2009

Bestial Design BLATANTLY Traces Horsebites

It blows my mind why even a semi big design studio thinks they can get away with stuff like this. Horsebites, a designer working for The Black Axe recently posted this rip on the music industry design site Band Job, but it is definitely worthy of a mention here. His artwork was victim of a pathetic tracing job by the “design firm” Bestial Design. These guys are insane for trying to pass this off.

Here is Horsebites original design for the clothing company Electric Zombie

Here is the pitiful traced image that Bestial Design smacked on the cover of Carne, a “visual arts magazine” pfft…

and to add insult to injury these thieves had this crap featured in Computer Arts Magazine!! WTF!?

Chicstar rips off Bettie Page Clothing & Stop Staring

Bettie Page Clothing brought out the “Captain” dress, and it became popular because it was worn by someone on “Gossip Girl.”

Here it is, and in the white version:
blue Captain dress white Captain dress

And here’s some dresses by Chicstar, which look suspiciously similar:
Chicstar sailor chicstar sailor

But that’s not all…. Stop Staring do a sailor dress as well:
Stop Staring sailor dress

And so imagine my surprise when I saw Chicstar had one very similar too. I would say identical, but obviously missing off the buttons on the kickpleat makes it a completely different dress:
Chicstar sailor2

Amusing comments here with another dress uncannily similar to yet another Bettie Page Clothing number – someone has called it a “Tina K original design”. Redefining the definition of “original” there, methinks, Tina.

It’s rather like designer rip-offs down the market, but Bettie Page Clothing and Stop Staring are hardly massive global designer labels.

Pamela Love and Moon Raven Designs

Now, this is kind of a curious situation –

Today I stumbled upon a blog post about Pamela Love, a NY based jewelry designer. I saw a necklace she had on, and instantly recognized it; I owned one just like it, created by Moon Raven Designs.

Even her “signature eagle claw” jewelry looked similar to a design they had listed:

Thing is though, I’m not sure who copied whom — Moon Raven Designs has been on Etsy since November of ’08, and Love started gaining popularity around ’08 as well. MRD does have an ebay store which was around since ’99, though because of expired ebay listings, I’m not sure if they have been selling the bird skull/claw pendants for that long. Here’s their seller page.

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