Old skool plagiarism

Here is an original painting by Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens entitled “The Meeting of Marie de Médicis and Henri IV at Lyon” , one of  a number of paintings in his Medici series. circa  1622-1625

Note the lions pulling the charriot.

Now, have a look at this painting by Paul de Vos entitles “The Ark of Noah”. Unable to determine the date it was painted, but you will note that the lions are identical. Either De Vos copied Rubens, vice versa, or they both copied a common artist.

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Selfridges rips off Cravendale

I came across the new Selfridges shop home page, and within 0.002 secs I realised this site is way too close to the Cravendale I saw last year. Not only is the look similar but the functionality of the site, the way you can throw content blocks around, the rollovers, the hand drawn character and the Selfridges bag in place of the milk bottle. Pretty damn shameful. I’m not sure who is responsible for this horrible copy, but if anyone knows they should be named and shamed. The original was made by Outside Line.


Rip Off:

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Panic – The Rip-Off Express

You may have come across Panic a couple of years ago when they were the talk of the Apple web developer community for creating great software like Coda and Transmit. They were praised for having elegant and intuitive interfaces that set them apart from so many other software companies. They even translated this great design to their website. Compare their original designs to some of the knockoffs below. One person thought their software icon (on the left) was so great that it should be used as a “We’re Moving” icon (on the right.)

Over time, imitation became flattery which ended up on the Panic page website as The Rip-Off Express. The guys at Panic took a humorous approach to people ripping off their artwork and found a creative way to promote it towards their best interests. It’s one thing to steal someone’s artwork, but it’s another thing to use it in a tasteless manner. People not only ripped off their icons, but stole photos of their office too. Talk about looting the shop!

What has become more and more prevalent in the web design and software development industries is the fact that the ubiquity of the internet has allowed millions of developers, programmers and designers to lift artwork from it’s original creators and not give any credit to the original artists. They are taking the hard work of others, using it as their own and not allowing the creators to be supported in any way. I applaud Panic in finding a creative way to expose those who think it is o.k. to steal creative work.

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BBC Documentary Pyramid: Beyond Imagination steals Hans Zimmer Soundtrack

I could not believe the absolute identical score on this documentary to the superb Hans Zimmer score from Gladiator.

I was sure it would have a credit given to Hans Zimmer or Gladiator, but no, just one Martyn Swain.

The documentary (from 2002) start for just one of the many, many examples (auto starting at 25 seconds in)

BBC Documentary opening music

And now track 3, The Battle from the movie Gladiator (2000) (auto starting at 5 mins 52secs in for the same portion)

Gladiator Soundtrack – The Battle

This is just one example, it uses the Gladiator soundtrack music all the way through it, it’s a disgrace.

How does someone get away with this? Especially as the Gladiator soundtrack is SO well known… I only own two soundtracks, and that’s one of them!

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Awesome Merchandise…Awesome Nation of Six Music?

One of our customers emailed us at work to say that some people were using our artwork for the Save BBC 6 Music campaign…turns out that @janeandjoe ( are taking credit for creating the below artwork!

Ripped off from our original artwork above which was created a couple of years ago by the wonderful Steve Kitchen of Combination13 (

Sad times…loads of people are commenting on Facebook saying about how “awesome” it is…and how “awesome” it would look on a t-shirt! it already does look good on t-shirts…on ours!

Bit frustrating as some of us at work listen to Six Music so we’re not “against” the cause…but it’s pretty bad form to rip off our artwork…which has now become the “official” flag of the Awesome Nation of Six Music on Lauren Laverne’s blog here

Oooh…Janeandjoe have just “disappeared” from twitter! Mid-post update.

Feel a bit silly ranting…but we’re a small company and we work really really hard and it’s bad form that the artwork’s been ripped off and they’re not even crediting Combination13 or us for “inspiration” even!

Love how everyone’s using the word “awesome” in relation to it as well! It is awesome….Awesome Merchandise!!

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