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I think Aris Moore is a secret Camilla Engman fan.

I came across some work by a woman called Aris Moore this week in the March/April 2010 edition of the Australian magazine Frankie. I was immediately struck by the similarity of her work to that of Swedish painter Camilla Engman.

The similarities occur in style, compostion, use of colour, technique and most markedly, in subject choice.

While none of the pictures published in the magazine, or upon further investigation, on Moore’s blog : www.peekado.blogspot.com or her Flickr page :  http://www.flickr.com/photos/45553658@N05/ could be described as direct copies of Engman’s work, the similarities seem way beyond coincidence to me.

Links to examples of Camilla Engman’s vast body of beautiful and original work can be found via her blog at: http://camillaengman.blogspot.com/

Although I have not read Moore’s blog in it’s entirety I can find no acknowledgement of Engman as an influence or inspiration for her work. It seems very difficult to believe that Moore has never seen the work.

Moore’s blog itself seems to mimic Engman’s, but, just as with her paintings and drawings, she falls short of the quality she obviously aspires to. Please have a look for yourself. If you are a fan of Aris Moore’s work, you will be astounded by Camilla Engman.

'Bring a Friend' by Camilla Engman, posted on Flickr in November 2008

Drawing added to Moore's blog in October 2009