BBC Documentary Pyramid: Beyond Imagination steals Hans Zimmer Soundtrack

I could not believe the absolute identical score on this documentary to the superb Hans Zimmer score from Gladiator.

I was sure it would have a credit given to Hans Zimmer or Gladiator, but no, just one Martyn Swain.

The documentary (from 2002) start for just one of the many, many examples (auto starting at 25 seconds in)

BBC Documentary opening music

And now track 3, The Battle from the movie Gladiator (2000) (auto starting at 5 mins 52secs in for the same portion)

Gladiator Soundtrack – The Battle

This is just one example, it uses the Gladiator soundtrack music all the way through it, it’s a disgrace.

How does someone get away with this? Especially as the Gladiator soundtrack is SO well known… I only own two soundtracks, and that’s one of them!

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Irish Political Party rips off BBC website

This has been reasonably well covered in the Irish Blogoshpere, and the whistle was blown by iamsteph, but I thought the rest of you would like to know about it too.

Fine Gael (Feena Gail) is the largest opposition party in Ireland. There will soon there be Local Elections here and all the Political Parties are launching new looks and websites to attract votes. Nearly all parties have been “inspired” by Obama’s success and have been trying to emulate it in some way- well Fine Gael thought that ripping off a very well known Media site was the way to go.

An email went out on Thursday April 16th from Enda Kenny, the leader of Fine Gael to the Party’s supporters:
“Having an online presence is now fundamental to success in Irish politics and as the country enters into election season Fine Gael is going live tomorrow (Friday) with its new internally designed and created website.”

Well Mr Kenny, it looks very familiar!

While visually the rip is pretty obvious- the kicker is that on the day before launch we could see that their developers didn’t even bother to change the class names in the CSS files. Now, since the tale was told, it seems the class names and IDs of pretty much all elements have been changed in the source HTML & CSS, but so far not all were.

Take a look here to see the similarities in the code the day before launch.





Its all a little fishy- look what happended when Irish Stu overlayed one element from BBC and one from FG’s site


Fine Gael have clearly violated the terms of ‘s site, but they insist no rip has occured… I really hopethey get a good slap for this one!

Thanks to Mamanpoulet for tip-off

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