The Yok

The Yok ripped off by Bestial Design Studio

This is very unmistakably a copy of The Yoks bearded character.
Sure enough The Yok has drawn this character in various versions whereas bestial design … just once.
They submitted this entry on a Buenos Aires,  Argentina conkurs held by Monoblock: Premio Destapa ’09
There is no credit at all mentioning The Yok

This is the entry presented by Bestial design as theirs

This is one example of the original character. Note especially the hair...

There are a lot more drawings of the same character in different settings and with changing props at

The artists “The Yok” website:

I notified the artist and he told me he would contact them. I haven’t heard back from him, yet. Meanwhile it was ok for him to publish this here.

Another significant piece of information is that Bestial Design is no stranger to this blog:

Horsebites own post:

I now totally believe Bestial Designs “explanation”.

youthoughtwewouldntnotice, again? .com

come on!

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